Thursday, February 17, 2011

Guest Post: Khan Academy Online Math & Science Resource

Hello!  This week I've got a guest post from a friend and colleague at Minneapolis Public Schools ABE, Gina Jarvi.  She writes:

Darlene Hays sent me an email this morning about a math and science website that I tried to access for our lab last year, but couldn’t because the videos were YouTube. I wrote to professor Khan and asked him if he would consider creating a mirror site that districts could allow. He never replied, but his site is now accessible! And it is extensive!
What I especially love about this site is that Professor Khan breaks concepts down into very simple forms. Students then have access to another teacher to learn from, as well as, offering teachers a way to brush up on a particular concept or area of math/science to help you teach it. 
The videos are clean, no buffering issues that I’ve detected so far. In one year he has managed to really expand and develop the site. You will be amazed! :)
I have 3 students using the site in the lab right now and they are fully engaged.
Thanks, Gina and Darlene, for the resource recommendation!

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Nate said...

Thanks Sue, Thanks Gina,
I did not realize that the district had unblocked Khan academy. Or that Khan academy was made accessible. It is a wonderful site with many many lessons, principally on math and science.