Monday, November 23, 2009

Immigrant Communities Using Media to Educate for Improved Health

New Routes to Community Health is a program / project based in Wisconsin that is using immigrant-created media (video, podcasts, radio programs, etc.) to educate immigrant communities about health-related issues.

Media projects include videos and audio programs that discuss issues as diverse as H1N1 flu, sexually transmitted diseases, childhood obesity, and mental illness & depression. All media projects can be accessed on their website at

Although the majority of the media resources are not in English (and thus not so applicable for English language learning projects) they provide a wealth of information to the immigrant adults we serve in ABE programs. Take a few moments to explore their site (click media to view examples) and share the information with your learners.

Here's one example of the content from their site:

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Students got cell phones? Try Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere is a service that allows you to get feedback from your audience (as a presenter) or class (as a teacher) and represent that feedback as a graph LIVE as it comes in. You can display results in a web browser or in a Power Point slide.

If your students are hooked on cell phone text messaging, Poll Everywhere gives you a tool to hook them into your lesson using a medium they know and love.

Here is an example of a Poll Everywhere poll, which accepts either text message input or input from this web widget. Try it out at