Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Learn English Words - Cab

Watch and Understand: The power of video for teaching vocabulary.

And for the geeky science buffs out there: remember that rich experiences (those that engage several senses) are more deeply encoded the brain.

We often use simple images to teach words like "cab," of course. But I'm betting that this video presentation will get the job done faster and better (e.g. better retention later on) because it is so visually and auditorially rich.

Chalk up one more reason why schools need to get with 21st century and stop blocking YouTube - especially for adult learners.


Tricia said...

Cool! I am a geeky science nerd (psychology), and I remember learning that the more senses you can stimulate, the more deeply you can process and remember information. Neat video!

Heather said...

Susan, yes! I am so frustrated by not being able to use YouTube in the classroom. Thanks for sharing!